1. The Walk

From the recording The Walk


The Walk
By Mike Whiteley
I can’t stand nobody, and I hate who I’ve become
If tomorrow’s like today I may break down
I’m giving everything I’ve got to this race that we all run
But, I don’t feel like I’m gaining any ground
I’ve got questions but no answers, and no doubt I’m gonna fall
It’s harder every day to fake a smile
Maybe I should just start walking, and stop heading for the wall
And see what’s waiting after that first mile
I think I’ll walk
I’ll leave everything behind me, my troubles won’t know where to find me
I can leave behind this haze I’m in and step in to the clear
Yeah, I’ll walk
One step and then another, There’s lots of ground to cover
I may not know what’s up ahead, but I know what’s waiting here
So, I think I’ll walk
I think I’ll have myself a yard sale, and give Goodwill all the rest
Buy a map, pick a spot, then, hell, who knows
Everyone will think I’m crazy, they’ll prob’ly say I’m giving up
But I’ll go crazy man, if I don’t hit the road
I’ll walk
There’s no need to put my thumb out, ‘cause I don’t want a ride
In my new life there’s no hurry, I just take it all in stride
And I walk
I left everything behind me, trouble don’t know where to find me
I got out of that cloudy haze and stepped into the clear
Yeah, I walk
One step and then another, there’s so much ground to cover
And the answers might be up ahead, I can feel ‘em growing near
So, I walk
Yeah, I walk