Mike Whiteley

You Can't

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Vocals by Twyla Foreman
Mike Whiteley


You Can’t (65 bpm)

Mike Whiteley and Linda Cogburn


You can’t drop by to see me, just when you’re lonely

You can’t just call me up, when you’re down

You can’t expect me to sit forever just waiting on your next move

You can’t, no you can’t


You can’t expect me to cry for you anymore

You can’t keep using my heart like a revolving door

No, you can’t expect to hold me, and then expect me to not want more

You can’t, no you can’t



You can’t tell me that I’m not good for you

You can’t tell me that she loves you like I do

Can you tell me why it’s so hard for you to choose?

Can you explain? No you can’t



You can’t keep running to her, and then back to me

You can’t just play with my heart ‘cause it’s on my sleeve

You can’t say the word forever, then make me worry that you’re gonna leave

You Can’t, No you can’t



Still you’re standing here telling me you’ll change

But, I know you Boy, and I know that you can’t



(final chorus)

You can’t come around, I changed the locks on all my doors

And you can’t fool me I’ve heard all your lies before

But, here you are, you wanna see me once again

Let me explain, No you can’t