Mike Whiteley

Nashville Overpass

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Mike Whiteley
Written by Mike Whiteley


I blame it on Guy Clark, I blame it on Townes Van Zandt

If it wasn’t for those guys, well, I wouldn’t be where I am

I blame it on Willie, and Merle Haggard can kiss my ass

It don’t look so easy sittin’ underneath this Nashville Overpass


I dug out my guitar a few months ago, and headed out to Tennessee

I thought I’d write me some songs for the radio, I mean, how hard can it be?

I’ll just knock on doors and start singing, even if it takes a week

I’ve been practicing my autograph on the 8x10s of me


I blame it on Dean Dillon, I blame it on Jerry Jeff, too

‘cause I’m holding up cardboard, that says I’ll work for food

I blame it on Kristofferson, Harlon Howard and Johnny Cash

They made it look too easy and now I’m underneath, this Nashville Overpass


I think Nashville’s trying to keep me out, it beats all I ever saw

I’ve paid my dues for three damn months, and I never met Tim McGraw


I blame it on Waylon, I blame it on Tom T Hall

I blame Hank Williams, hell, I guess I blame ‘em all

Thanks for listening to my story, and, I really appreciate the cash

Come back and see me anytime here at this Nashville Overpass


I blame it on Dolly, I blame it on Radney, too

I blame Sonny Burgess, that was a crappy thing to do

I blame it on Paisley, I blame it on David Allen Coe

I blame Kim Williams, hell, I’m blaming ol’ Hank Snow


I blame Rodney Crowell, I blame it on Don Schlitz, too

I blame Ray Wylie, Steve Earl, and I ain’t through

I blame Randy Rogers, I blame in it on Robert Earl Keen

I blame Jack Ingram, These guys are just plain mean


I blame Randy Boudreaux ........................