Mike Whiteley

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Hey man, You gave me one of your CDs at the Terlingua Chili Cookoff. I wasn't expecting much so i just let it sit in my car for a month or so. Finally popped it in today and I gotta say it really kicks ass. Great stuff man, keep it up.
Well I think you are a turd. You send me these songs on my phone and they come through ok. But you never told me about this website. They sound way better here than on my phone. Love You. And I still think you should sing your own stuff. I like your voice.
Okay.. I liked the overpass song.. and the "she's sure pretty" sounded like it was fun to make!! Do some more upbeat songs.. about life's fun times! :)
Love it, love 'em all. I'm afraid I am a little bit like your Mama that way! Keep doin what your doin! We love you! Aunt Fanny and Uncle Ronaldee
Your songs are amazing, they always have been! You have a gift for words, keep living your dream whitey!!!
Songs sound great, let's do a club mix...lol!!!!
Way to go Mike! Good stuff! Next Friday night headliner "Mike Whitely at WAY OUT WEST!" keep it up!
I love your songs. the best songs I've heard in a long time.
Mike whiteley all the songs are good I've always told you you were good my favorite is the guy before you .... Just believe in your self brotha and keep on writing and when u get to where you wanna be which I know you will I wanna sit front row at a show where your songs are being played.
Hey Mike, they are damned good, I knew from the earlier day s you could ride a bronc, but did know you had this in you. Keep pushing on brother something good will come of it. Wes
Hey Mike, this is fantastic. Nothing negative from me at all. And you know I would tell you if there was....It's simple, looks good, and gets the job done. And the picture on the home page is great. Reminds me of my beloved Arizona. Good on you, mate!